Kujo Edem celebrates Fathers with ‘Ayekoo’

In an attempt to celebrate fathers and raise the euphoria around the celebration of Father’s Day, a new gospel artist, Kujo Edem, is out with a song titled ‘Ayekoo’.

The song, according to the artist, is to promote good fathers, address the issue of irresponsible fatherhood in the society, and to encourage young men to desire taking up fatherly roles in their homes and communities.

“Celebrated on every third Sunday in the month of June, unlike Mother’s Day when special songs are sung and played all over to celebrate mothers for their role in birthing and nurturing of children generally, but not on Fathers’s Day, a norm I want to break,” he said.

Speaking to Times Weekend in Accra on Thursday, Kujo Edem said a blind eye, had been turned on the fathers, apparently because there had not been any song to celebrate them.

 He said despite the fact that there were great fathers in the country, their praise had not been openly sang, indicating that some fathers had raised their children as single parents from cradle to the grave.

 Mentioning some of the assumptions people had about fathers, he said they were known to be only interested in sex and impregnating young girls and not the welfare of those mothers and their babies, hence the dislike in celebrating Father’s Day.

 ‘Ayekoo’, he said, was expected to change the mindset of Ghanaians towards fathers, and lead to a progressive society for all and generations yet to be born.

The song, which is already out on YouTube and other television channels also features another gospel artist, Kobby Frimpong.


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