Kudos to government for donation of 200 vehicles to police

The government last week fulfilled a major promise it made to the police-to equip it to undertake its work in combating crime across the country.

In fulfillment of that promise, the government handed over 200 vehicles to the Ghana Police Service at a ceremony in Accra.

Although this is not the first time government is providing vehicles to the police, it certainly coming at the time they are in a dire need of new vehicles.

For some time now, they have lacked vehicles that would make them visible and effectively work to the satisfaction of all.

Indeed, it is good news not only to the police but the general public that the police would be more visible in communities around the country to provide security and peace.

In fact, at the handing over ceremony, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, promised to add more after presenting the 200 brand new Toyota Camry and Corolla vehicles to the leadership of the police administration in Accra last Friday.

He said his administration was committed to strengthening the Police Service to focus more on proactive policing to enable it fight off crime in the communities.

While urging the administration to take good care of the vehicles and use it for its intended purposes, he said, the government would assist the police to serve the public well.

The Ghanaian Times is certain that with the handing over of the vehicles, the police are now poised to carry out their duties without any excuses.

Before the vehicles were handed over, we had heard excuses that the police gave for not carrying out their legitimate duties. And amongst them is non availability of vehicles.

Now that the vehicles have been provided, we expect the police to perform their duties to the satisfaction of all and to justify why the government must give them more vehicles.

Crime combat has become sophisticated with criminals always trying to outwit the law enforcement agencies.

That is why, it is important that the security agencies are well equipped to be ahead of the criminals.

For us, the provision of the vehicles is a good step but the police would need more than just vehicles.

But with the handing over of the vehicles, it would be expected that the police would raise their game by maintaining law and order and ensuring the safety of all the people.

It is critical for the police to restore hope in the people after their image was battered recently for professional misconduct.

The Ghanaian Times hopes that the vehicles would be put to good use and help them combat crimes in the country.

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