Kris Whitehead: How You Can Build Multiple Ventures and Grow Sustainably

Being a serial entrepreneur is a path that many dread. This is primarily because of the difficulties associated with this path. Running one business is a lot of work already. Then, imagine how challenging running many businesses can be.

There is also a difference between starting a business and building a company whose growth is sustainable. However, a few people seem to have discovered the system for building multiple ventures and succeeding while at it.

Kris Whitehead, the Founder of Iconic Alliance, Director of Executive Coaches at Break Free Academy, and the Owner of New England Custom Remodelling, sheds light on what it takes to build multiple ventures and succeed at them.

Whitehead, who has built multimillion-dollar businesses within the last 25 years, stated that aligning your core values and the standard operating procedure is crucial.

He notes that when an entrepreneur has gained clarity about his personal and business values, he can easily scout for people who align with these values. Not only that, the businesses will be better organized. Whitehead emphasizes the importance of having people on your team who align with your core values. According to him, sharing similar values and vision is more important than their skillset.

He states that when people in your organization align with the core values of your multiple businesses, there will be less drama. Also, the employees will project these values into the marketplace and present an accurate and precise image of your brand.

Whitehead also notes that the standard operating procedure (SOP) was equally important when running several businesses. According to him, the SOP serves as a roadmap to help you reach your chosen destination. Hence, the core values and the SOP must align to give your businesses a chance at sustainable growth.

He reiterates the need to begin any venture with the end goal in mind. Kris Whitehead recommends having a solid vision for what the end goal would be.

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