Kobo360 launches new software application for haulage efficiency

Kobo360, a global technology company with a focus on logistics, has launched a new software application platform in Ghana to facilitate easy access, effective monitoring and ensure real time value of the shipment of goods.

The Kobo360 technology logistics platform connects the supply of trucks to the demand for transportation services by cargo owners.

Mr Bilal Abdullah, the Chief Operating Officer of Kobo360, at the launch in Accra on Thursday, said the application had unique features such as flexibility to locate trucks for haulage, visibility to trace the location of vehicles, and safety packages, which covered both the delivery of goods and insurance for the truck drivers.

The new application, he said, also provided a digitised wage bill and invoice, and a competitive bidding system that allowed cargo owners to bargain charges of their haulage.   

Mr Abdullah explained that the Kobo360 mission was to build the global logistic operating system that would power trade and commerce across Africa and emerging markets.

The company enables unprecedented efficiency and cost reduction in the supply chain, providing 360 visibility while delivering products of all sizes safely on time and in full.

He indicated that time, cost and quality were key drivers in success in logistics, which was why the company was working to build a global operating system to ensure fast movement of goods at a lower cost for businesses across Africa.

He said Kobo360, which is a US-based company, has a major branch in Nigeria, and now in Ghana where it was rolling out a beta operation, which had recorded over 100 trips and collaborating with clients such as Olam Ghana.

He said the company would move further to test the Kenyan market in the coming weeks, where the team would meet with drivers and equip them with the tools needed to run trips effectively, while also imbuing its culture and brand affinity within the supply chain.

Mr Abdullah said in Nigeria, Kobo360 had stood at the forefront of logistics covering over 80 per cent of the country and recording a 40 per cent cost reduction in the supply chain.

Mr Oluwatosin A. Babafemi, the Head of Engineering at Kobo360, Nigeria, demonstrated the use of the application on, and said the company would be spending the next few weeks to train prospective drivers in the haulage industry in Ghana on the use of the application and the requirement of the company.

He indicated that this could only be achieved through the application that could be download on google play store and would soon be operational on iPhone.

He called on truck owners and drivers to patronise the services of the company to help address their challenges and ensure efficiency.


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