Killing of J.B. Danquah-Adu: Accused complains of maltreatment

Daniel Asiedu, the man accused of killing Joseph Boakye (J.B) Danquah-Adu, the former Member of Parliament (MP) of Abuakwa North Constituency, in the Eastern Region, yesterday alleged that he was maltreated by officers of Nsawam Prison.

The accused, charged together with Vincent Bosoo for conspiracy to commit robbery and murder, told the court that the officers made him to sleep under a bed as a punishment for a crime he had not committed.

Narrating his ordeal to Justice George Boadi, the presiding judge, Asiedu claimed that a co-cellmate assaulted him outside the cubicle in the presence of other inmates.

The accused said he only pushed his attacker in an attempt to prevent another assault, and that his action infuriated the authorities and they (prison authorities) took away his food and seized his clothing.

Asiedu said he reported the assault to the officer in charge, but no action was taken, however, the prison wardens who brought the accused to court denied the allegations.

When asked if the claims by Asiedu were true, Bosoo stated that the accused fought the other cellmate.

Justice Boadi noted that he was unable to advise the prison authorities because he could not authenticate the claims, but urged them to protect the rights of everybody under the law.

The proceedings were meant for continuation of cross-examination of Dr Sammy Ohene of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, but the case has been adjourned to November 17 because the witness was unavailable.

The hospital had already conducted mental assessment of Asiedu and tendered the report in court on June 27, 2019.

It is recalled that Justice  Boadi asked the psychiatric hospital to evaluate the mental status of the accused upon the request made by Mr Augustine Obour, counsel for the accused, who claimed his client was mentally unsound.  

The medical report indicated that Asiedu was sane and fit to stand trial.

Asiedu and his accomplice, Vincent Bosoo, had pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery and murder.

The two were both charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, while Asiedu had been separately charged with murder.

The late Abuakwa North MP was murdered in his residence at Shiashie, a suburb of Accra, on February 8, 2016.

In May 2017, Asiedu and Vincent Bosoo, who were on trial for almost three years, were discharged, re-arrested and fresh charges preferred against them.

On February 6, 2019, the two were committed to stand trial for the second time for the alleged murder of Mr Danquah-Adu.

Asiedu, also known as “Sexy Dondon”, and Bosso, were both charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, while Asiedu was separately charged with murder.

Conducting the committal at the district magistrate court, Ms Sefakor Batse, a senior state attorney, said the state would call 11 witnesses and rely on 29 exhibits to prove its case.

She said on February 9, 2016, around 1am, the accused planned to go on a robbery spree, but due to misunderstanding, Bosoo did not partake in the robbery act.

 According to Ms Batse, Asiedu went to the MP’s house, robbed him of his three mobile phones and stabbed him (Mr Danquah-Adu) leading to his death.

Ms Batse said that Asiedu gave two of the phones to a repairer to unlock, but the repairer saw blood stains on the phone, and reported the matter to the police, and he was arrested.


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