KATECO dedicates 18-unit school block to old student

Reverend Dr Nii Amoo Darku, a former Council of State Member, has charged students of the Kaneshie Senior High Technical School (KATECO), his alma mater, to seek to better the lives of others in society.

To do so, he urged them to devote themselves dutifully to their education, and make God the centre of everything they do in both their academic and social endeavours.

18 unit school block

This, he noted, would make them excel in school and impact the lives of others in society.

Dr Amoo Darku, who is also an author of Christian books, said this to encourage the students in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at the sidelines of the dedication of an 18-unit classroom block in his honour.

The occasion saw the school present a citation to Rev.Dr Darku for his instrumental role in facilitating the expansion and completion of the classroom block which was originally a six-unit and wooden.

Ms Pearl Bruce, the headmistress of the school, who was due to retireafter serving the school for six years was also presented with a 65 inches QLED television set by the Old Students Association of KATECO.

In his words, Rev.Dr Darku, said, “In this life, there’s a beginning point, and seeking the welfare of the people in your society ends up becoming a good thing for yourself.”

He added that, “I wasn’t like this when I came to school here. It was from here that I met Jesus and with the love shown me, I purposed in my heart that wherever I go, I’ll try to make a difference.

“It has, therefore, been my principle that wherever God sends me, I must make a difference. I have always desired in the heart that I always not leave a place (be it my home, church and school) the same as I met it.”

In his remarks, Mr Joseph Nii Sempe Nyarko, chair of the programme and also an old student of KATECO, asked the students to ensure that they were disciplined.

He told them to practise the good virtues imparted to them during their stay at the school and internalise them in their lives after school.
“In our time, if you should see, not even the headmaster, but a teacher coming, you’ll run to your classroom and behave because there’s a cane that you cannot take away from a child.

Unfortunately, the cane has been taken away from our dear children. If the cane has been taken away, prove your worth as good students. If you allow yourselves to be disciplined, I assure you that you’ll end up being good leaders in the future,” he said.

Ms Bruce thanked the old students for the donation, and expressed her appreciation to both the teaching and non-teaching staff, students, and various boards she served with for their support throughout her tenure.

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