Kasoa-Accra highway submerged by mudslide after heavy rains

A section of the Kasoa-Accra highway, near the tollbooth got submerged in a muddy pool following Wednesday dawn rains.

The situation, created heavy vehicular traffic, resulting in some patrons of commercial vehicles becoming stranded as many commercial drivers refused to use the road.

The situation gets worst any time it rained due to the volumes of sediments washed down from the mountain near the tollbooth unto the road.

Hawkers and ‘okada’ riders took advantage of the situation to make brisk business as users of the road remained stuck in the traffic.

Some individuals were also spotted trying to collect the mud on the road, in efforts to salvage the situation.

Drivers managed to slowly wade through the muddy waters, whilst motor riders meandered in between the vehicles to get to their destinations.

Some pedestrians who could not endure the long hours in the traffic, had to discontinue their journey.

In separate interviews with the Ghanaian Times, some drivers and pedestrians called on the authorities to fix the problem on that stretch once and for all.

Paul Otoo, a taxi driver said: “This has been the situation for years now, but we still have to go through this frustration anytime it rains. This is not fair at all.”

Another road user, Mrs Linda Koumasi stated that she got sad anytime it rained, knowing what awaited her, expressing fear that lives could be lost, if the situation was not appropriately addressed.


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