Kantamanto market traders undergo Hepatitis “B”

Geobert Memorial Herbal Centre (GMHC), yesterday organised a free Hepatitis ‘B’ screening for traders at the Kantamanto Market, Accra.

The move formed part of the corporate social responsibilities of  GMHC and efforts to create awareness about the dangers of Hepatitis ‘B’ and the need to report swiftly to health facilities for immediate attention when diagnosed with the disease.

More than 200 people benefitted from the initiative and persons who tested positive for the virus were advised on the next move to take in order to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Speaking to the media during the exercise,  Benjamin BaahAnim a medical herbalist of GMHC said his outfit found it necessary to once again embark on such a philanthropic activity because of how deadly the Hepatitis ‘B’ virus was and it’s currently prevalent rate in Ghana and Africa at large.

Knowing the signs and symptoms of the deadly virus he said, was very important adding that early detection goes a long way in improving the quality of life of sufferers of the disease.

He also stated that Hepatitis ‘B’ could progress to liver cirrhosis and even liver cancer and therefore advised individuals who had not taken the Hepatitis ‘B’ vaccine to as a matter of urgency do so because “prevention is better than cure.”

“Geobert Memorial Herbal Centre is doing this free screening because we are very passionate about the total wellbeing of Ghanaians. This is not the first time we are undertaking such an exercise and it will not be the last,” he added.

Describing the disease as a silent killer, he stated that at the initial stages of infection, most infected persons do not have any symptoms but as time goes on general weakness, malaise, nausea and yellowing of the eyes will begin.

Explaining further, he mentioned that Hepatitis ‘B’ has no cure, however with a very strong immune system the body usually gets rid of it.

“We do not have medications to cure Hepatitis ‘B’ but we have medications to boost the immune system to be able to get rid of it that is why early detection is very important,” DrAnim added.

According to him, the virus easily spreads through contaminated food items or blood, unprotected sex, kissing, adding that infected mothers could also infect their babies through breastfeeding.


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