Kaaf University College students visit New Times Corp

Students of Kaaf University College on Friday visited the New Times Corporation (NTC), publishers of Ghanaian Times and The Spectator newspapers in Accra.

The visit afforded them the opportunity to establish a link between academic work and field practice to prepare them for the job market.

The students, accompanied by their lecturer, were conducted round the Ghanaian Times and The Spectator newsrooms, marketing, advertising and the production departments where they were briefed on newspaper production and means the corporation carry out their marketing activities.

The News Editor of the Ghanaian Times, Mr Matthew Ayinne Ayoo, educated the students on the organisational structure of the flagship newspaper and the production process.

He said the corporation was established in 1958 by Ghana’s first President, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, as a media publishing house to inform and educate the masses and promote the development of the country.

Mr Ayoo indicated that the NTC was not only established to inform the public but also for the vision and policies of Dr Nkrumah to be visualised.

The News Editor stated that on news production, reporters across the country submit timely and accurate reports on events happening in the country, including court and parliament proceedings, police and events for publication, thus making the paper, the most authoritative newspaper in the country.

Ms Agatha Elfreda Ennin, Advertising Manager of the NTC urged the students to be innovative in dealing with customers, adding that their action could make them gain customers or not.

She maintained that it was prudent for sales marketer to be a critical thinker, innovator, outspoken and presentable, saying some customers were attracted by outlooks and when one looks presentable, they could gain advertising deals.

Ms Ennin advised them to always be abreast with new information on methods competitors were adopting in serving customers, for them to gain knowledge on marketing activities they could implement, to serve customers better in order to compete effectively on the market.

A marketing lecturer of the college, Mr Stephen Kuku, who led the students, thanked the management and staff of the NTC for their warm reception.

He said the visit afforded the students knowledge and practical know-how on how to market products, gain and retain advertising customers.

Mr Kuku noted that marketing was dicey and being in the field required one to be innovative and vigilant in winning customers for a company, adding that the visit would help the students to know ways they could adopt to help their future career as marketers.

He commended the management of the corporation for its immense contribution in ensuring development in the country through mass communication.   


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