Journalists, whistleblowers provided with shelter, resource

A centre for shelter, training, resources and medical assistance have been provided for journalists and whistleblowers, investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas disclosed in Accra yesterday.

According to him, the centre at an undisclosed location aimed at promoting credible independent journalism, while fighting corruption to protect the rule of law.

MrAnaswho is founder of Whistleblowers and Journalist’s Safety International Center (WAJSIC) revealed that he found no delight in the praises and awards given to him for his work.

“When my name and other journalist’s names are mentioned for top awards we are truly not happy because, when we think of what is happening or can happen to our sources who give us information we break down,” he explained.

Adding that “behind the scenes we get sleepless nights because we the journalist get protected by institutions but not the same case for the whistleblowers”.

He opined that, this and many other reasons incurred the need for shelter and safety for whistleblowers, as many individuals love to give out information but were scared, looking at what happens in the ecosystem.

Anas further encouraged citizens in the democracy ecosystem to support the project in order to make WAJSIC a success since its formalisation was a life already lived.

The Executive Secretary of the National Media Commission (MC), Mr George Sarpong, stated that for a journalist to be successful, the best way was to make them feel safe, and most especially their whistleblowers, as they were of great importance.

“What Anas has done has created a more coordinated and organised system to shelter activists in trouble, by setting up an institution and building a network for the safety of journalists and whistleblowers in orderto provide information safely,” he said.

Mr Sarpong, reiterating a statement from Anas about his faith in the democratic credentials of our nation, referenced the country being the safest place to host journalists and whistle blowers.

“This has, therefore, placed greater obligation on us to sustain that faith,” he stated.

The President of Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Mr Roland AffailMonney on his part,  laudedAnas for his courage and groundbreaking continental initiative to protect whistleblowers and journalists in their line of duty.

“The initiative has come in timely to respond to their risks, we believe that the centre would provide the pillar of support whistleblowers and journalists vitally need to operate in the face of persecutions and endless threats to their lives,” he cited.

The WAJSICis an organisation that provides protection and preservation for whistleblowers and journalists.


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