Dr. John Halm, wife Donate to NDC Trobu Constituency

The Anyway Branch of the Afiaman ward chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Trobu Constituency of the Greater Accra Region, Dr. John Halm on Tuesday presented customised sign posts/boards to the 14 wards of the party in the constituency for their offices and meeting grounds.

He was elected the Anyway Chair with his wife Dr  Mrs. Mary Penelope Halm also elected women’s organiser a year ago based on their long standing merits which saw new entrants and others retaining their seats. 

Dr. Halm said he and his wife made the gesture to uphold the long standing democratic, social diplomacy and constitutional notable good will of the party.

Being the branch chairman of the Anyway Branch and his wife the  Women Organiser, the sign posts /boards will not only beautify the area and make the party attractive in  Trobu but also provide information to members as to date, time and venue of programmes and activities of the party as well as the names of the various wards for easier accessibility.

“It is always our desire to put the needs of the people and the entire Constituency first , as much, drive Cohesion, Completeness, and Unity among all the ranks and file of the various wards”, he said.

The Trobu Constituency chairman of the NDC Mr Abdul Aziz Ayitey and his executives who received the items commended the couple for their love and commitment to  the party and asked other philanthropists to emulate their shining example for the party to win the 2024 election.

The Communications Officer for Trobu, Mr Spinnoza Kwabena Ayisi said the innovation of making the party beautiful and attractive to the beautiful people of Trobu is laudable and would also make the party a haven to reckon with.

He assured members of good leadership to make Trobu a better place devoid of the many economic and societal vices the youth, women and the aged are going through.

Earlier, Dr. Halm pledged to make the youth of Trobu assertive, employable to take constructive decisions as much to make Trobu economically viable settlement.

He stated more comprehensive interventions to empower the youth through job creation opportunities,  skills training, sports development, vocational skills enhancement and talents coaching,  mentorship and management.

He entreated members to be mindful of their health by taking the right precautions to stay strong and healthy in order to drive a more prolific working force.

Over the past decade Dr. Halm has assisted with  cash in payment of nomination forms for both branch executives and delegates, provision of busses for delegates and executives to and from electoral grounds, various charitable donations to individuals, the aged, sponsorship of women Empowerment in skills training, sports development, health screening,  entrepreneurial education and financial literacy workshops.


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