John Boadu: We’ll resist NIA mop-up exercise

The General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), John Boadu says the party will resist any attempt by the National Identification Authority (NIA) to do a mop-up in areas they had challenges during the initial Ghana Card registration.

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of an Inter-Party Advisory Committee(IPAC) meeting held at the Electoral Commission on Wednesday, John Boadu said, “I disagree with the position that they will do a mop-up in some few areas they think they were unable to do and if I want to be political about it.”

 He explained that, “If you consider the number of people who have not yet received their cards in Central Region, Ashanti Region, Eastern Region and Greater Accra alone constitute about 68 per cent of those who have not received their cards yet”.

All the other regions, the 12 regions constitute just around 32 per cent. So if you want to talk about connivance with the NIA to disenfranchise people, we the NPP will lose a lot, so if you have four of our strongholds constitute 68 per cent who should be complaining? It is we the NPP who should be complaining”.

Mr Boadu added that, “If you take these four regions in question, we have 45 per cent of the total population who have not yet been registered. To the extent that about one million people in the Ashanti Region have not been registered. So any attempt by the NIA to do a mop-up without doing a mass registration will not sit well with us”.

Taking a swipe at people who say the governing NPP is in connivance with the NIA to disenfranchise people, Mr Boadu said, “For anybody to think that we are rather in connivance with NIA begs the question. I do not think that they even understand what they are talking about.”


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