Joel Li On Leadership Qualities That Result In Incredible Teams

Leadership is an ever-changing skill requiring adaptability and mental flexibility. Leaders should possess distinct aptitudes to help them navigate leading teams. According to Joel Li, being a leader means serving those around you. Therefore, you need to have the right set of skills and qualities.

Joel Li is an experienced entrepreneur, CEO, and founder of CARLALA Tech Ltd. As a serial entrepreneur, Li has also founded various other companies throughout his career. He explains that being in business has taught him a wide range of values. According to Joel Li, every leader needs these five qualities in 2022.

  • Relationship building

You need to be able to establish and foster great relationships with people around you, from clients to your team and even peers. Li explains that good working relationships lead to increased engagement, especially when the leader takes charge. Therefore, leaders should strive to create an environment where working relationships thrive.

  • Embrace diversity and inclusivity

Being a leader requires working with many different people. Focus on every team member equally, allowing their unique experiences and perspectives to shine through. Everyone deserves an opportunity to give their ideas and be heard. A leader ensures that every team member feels valued within their team and organization, says Li.

  • Be creative and innovative.

We live in an era of technological revolution, and therefore, things change fast. Being a good leader means you put in place the necessary technical infrastructure to promote innovation within your team. Guide the pack in thinking outside the box; that’s how the best ideas are found.

  • Conflict management

People will not always agree with each other. In some cases, the leader needs to step in to solve the situation, preventing it from escalating. Li explains that every leader should be good at conflict management, approaching these delicate situations with wisdom and objectivity. Be a source of sensible counsel for your team.

  • Promote accountability

This starts with the leader. It is essential to create a culture of accountability, encouraging people to take responsibility for their actions. Li believes leaders set the pace for their teams. Therefore, it is essential to be a proactive rather than reactive leader.

Everyone has the potential to be an extraordinary leader, says Li; however, only those who are continuously open to learning create incredible teams.

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