IX Social app makes trading accessible to everyone

Internet adoption has more than doubled globally since 2010, however, the majority of countries with lower rates of internet access are in Africa, according to the World Economic Forum.

 In Ghana specifically, DataReportal’s figures in January 2021 reveal that while internet penetration sat at 50 per cent, mobile connections stood equivalent to 132,8 per cent of the population. 

As such, in a bid to make trading accessible to everyone, INFINOX, a leading global CFD trading broker launched its IX Social mobile app in Ghana.

Referring to PwC’s Entertainment & Media Outlook 2020-2024 report, Dany Mawas, Regional Director at INFINOX, said that smartphone internet access is on the rise and more consumers are accessing the internet on their mobile phones.

 “Considering that this is the largest singular contributing device to consumer data usage, our aim is to put the power of trading in peoples hands.”

“IX Social provides clients with the interactive functionality to social trade, see what other traders are doing, and follow and engage with them,” he explained.

“Trading can be lonely, and the method of social trading allows users to connect with successful and profitable traders, and copy their trading strategies. Furthermore, once following a certain trader, users have the ability to be notified each time they trade.”

Mawas compares IX Social’s functionality to that of other social media platforms, where it allows clients to ‘like’ certain trades of the traders they follow.

It also allows them to comment and chat about why a specific trade was chosen, giving users an insight into successful traders strategies.

Apart from the trading functionality, IX Social also incorporates a community aspect, where traders can create sub-communities to share information, and learn from each other. Furthermore, it allows users to share their trade ideas and explain why they were chosen.

The app not only makes trading accessible, but bridges the education gap and provides new traders with the knowledge to make informed decisions. While learning how to trade is a long process, social trading has been designed to fast track the process.

Although there are other apps of its kind on the market, there are two areas that separates IX Social from its competitors – the first is the additional social element that it boasts over others, and the second is the physical presence of the broker behind the app.

“While INFINOX is a large organisation with a global representation, we still maintain that we operate as a small organisation, with the ability for clients to converse with the INFINOX team at any time,” notes Mawas. “We understand that any financial transaction involves client’s money, and by putting a face to an otherwise faceless industry builds both trust, confidence, and support.”

INFINOX vets providers that use the app, ensuring that they meet certain criteria before they can offer strategies or share trade ideas with users. This adds an element of security in knowing that the providers that users are communicating and interacting with are real, have integrity, and are extremely knowledgeable in the field. Furthermore, influencing providers that meet certain criteria also have the ability to be paid a retainer based on their following, engagement and performance.

“With the global landscape continually evolving into the digital sphere, it presents more opportunities for traders to reap the rewards of being able to trade anywhere at any time,” Mawas concluded.

INFINOX is an award-winning and market leading online trading platform.

Founded in 2009, with the vision of delivering a customer-focused trading experience, INFINOX has been offering its clients premium service in a range of asset classes. We empower investors and help them gain access to markets so they can trade forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and futures; using our fast, efficient and reliable trading technology.

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