It is unnecessary to blame Mahama for economic woes – Prof. Mensah

An economist at the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), Prof. Lord Mensah, says it is not necessary for the Vice President, DrMahamuduBawumia, to blame the erstwhile Mahama administration for the country’s economic woes.

According to him, he did not see the need for DrMahamuduBawumia to travel back into the years and accuse past regimes for the difficulties confronting the citizens.

Speaking in an interview on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM on Friday, Prof. Mensah explained that when a new government assumes power, it automatically inherits the assets and liabilities of its predecessor.

In this regard, he stated that good economic managers were expected to convert the liabilities they inherit to profits, and therefore, DrBawumia must stop making reference to the faults of the NDC.

“As an economic manager, you should know that before you take over, you’re coming to inherit liabilities and assets. You cannot just parade only the liabilities and indicate that this is what you inherited and therefore without it, you could have been better. What about the resources that you had? What did you use them for?” Professor Lord Mensah quizzed.

“There’s a reason why we have four years political cycle. So if within the four years, you cannot turn around things. I don’t think it’s not necessary to go back in years. I don’t think Ghanaians will be better off with these kind of references and statements coming from our economic managers,” he said.

In his explanations, Professor Lord Mensah further emphasised that, “as an economic manager, you inherit both liabilities and assets and how you appreciate liabilities that you inherit and convert them to assets for the benefit of the country is a gauge for your performance”.

“So the reference to those two things are not necessary anyway. Not at this time. We’ve gone far. I mean we are far deeper into the years. [After] six years of handling the economy, I don’t think we need to make reference to this,” he added.

The comments by Prof. Lord Mensah were in reaction to an earlier assertion by the Vice President on Thursday, where he stated that Ghana’s current economic challenges are partially due to the ills of the NDC.

According to him, the prevailing difficulties can be attributed to the “quadruple whammy” the government faces – excess capacity payments, banking sector crisis, COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war.

He said two of the four factors, the excess capacity payments and the banking sector crisis, were inherited from the previous administration. He made this statement in a speech at the Accra Business School.

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