Israel Embassy sponsors planting of 1,111 tree seedlings in Chipa Forest

The Israeli Em­bassy in Ghana has sponsored the planting of 1,111 trees in the Chipa Forest Reserve in the Shai Osudoku District of the Greater Accra Region as part of the Green Ghana Day activities.

Featuring a variety of trees, including mahogany, rain, cassia, baobab, and ofram, they were planted in honour of Israel’s cap­ital – Jerusalem, and the one hect­are site was accordingly christened the Jerusalem Forest.

The ceremony was witnessed by representatives of the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, traditional leaders, and the Forestry Commission, whose officers supported the planting of the trees.

Explaining the significance of the name, the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy, Aviel Avraham, said “more than almost any other city, Jerusalem is praised in music, in art and literature.

But this year, we at the embassy of Israel wanted to do something special – to praise the beauty and vitality of this special city, of our beloved capital – and at the same time cherish and contribute to the beauty and vitality of Ghana.”

He said the Green Ghana exercise was in line with Israel’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

He said Israel had overcome limited natural resources through innovation, technology and resilience, resulting in pioneering efforts in areas like water manage­ment, renewable energy, afforesta­tion and reforestation.

Mr Avraham praised the government’s Green Ghana Day campaign and expressed Israel’s readiness to support Ghana’s efforts through collaborative projects, knowledge sharing and capacity-building initiatives.

“Our commitment to environ­mental protection extends beyond our borders. Israel stands ready to support and promote Ghana’s efforts to create a safe and sustain­able environment,” he said.

In a speech read on her behalf, the Minister of Environment, Sci­ence, Technology and Innovation, Ophelia Mensah Hayford, said the Jerusalem Forest symbolised strong bilateral ties between Ghana and Israel and exemplified inter­national cooperation in addressing environmental challenges.

Noting that Israel’s expertise in managing arid landscapes could inspire Ghana’s efforts, she said the government was committed to the implementation of strategies aimed at protecting the environ­ment and combating land degra­dation, desertification and drought impacts.

She endorsed and pledged support for the collaborative “Je­rusalem Forest” effort and called for standing united in the shared vision of a sustainable future.


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