Islamic cleric condemns FGM, child marriage

Personal Assistant of the National Chief Imam, Dr Abubakar Mohammed Marzuq Azindoo,  has indicated that child marriage and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) are un-Islamic and must be condemned at all levels.

He said that though FGM and child marriage is common among people in Muslim communities, the practices had nothing to do with Islam.

Dr Azindoo in an interview with the Ghanaian Times, in Accra, yesterday called on the public to desist from linking such practices to Islam, adding that “any act that negatively affects humanity is not from Allah.”

“Islam strongly condemns such practices because of the consequences they have on humans. I also want to make it clear that the fact that certain practices are common in Muslim communities does not mean Islam does not prohibit them. Most of these things arise as a result of travel traditions and cultures, they are not Islamic,” he said.

Dr Azindoo said girl-child education was necessary and that “anything that hinders the progress of females can contribute to retrogression of any area.”

Touching on the consequences of child marriage, he noted that marrying off a child at a tender age meant robbing her of education.

“The impact of child marriage manifests in many ways including making it impossible for victims to enjoy adolescence as they assume the roles of adults immediately after marriage,” Dr Azindoo said.

He noted that “most child brides in Africa are from poor homes. This put girls at the risk of living more difficult lives and bringing forth female children who could also end up in child marriage.”

Dr Azindoo mentioned that there were also health risks victims of child marriages faced as a result.

He said that all forms of violence against adolescents must be condemned to protect victims from acquiring diseases and psychological problems.

Dr Azindoo said “FGM is demeaning to womanhood and must stop as a matter of urgency to protect the lives of our young girls who are at the risk of becoming victims of FGM.

“Muslim leaders must rise up and help stop the practice of all forms of violence against females in their communities while clearing the misconceptions that FGM and child marriages are part of the culture of Muslims.”


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