Isaiah Luke Saldivar Discusses the Freedom of Working Solo

Human potential has been mostly benefited by groups so far. But things are changing. People are beginning to see that the grass is greener on the solo side. Public speaker and creator of one of the top Christian podcasts, “Revival Lifestyle,” Isaiah Luke Saldivar sheds light on the pros and cons of going solo.

Saves time

Hierarchy, especially when structured poorly, can result in mismanagement and, most importantly, loss of precious time. This loss of time adds up and can create unnecessary hurdles. Going solo can help you counter that, believes Isaiah. He says, “How you use the time given to you is how your life will pan out. When you go solo, you realize this truth pretty quickly. There’s no one to bank on, and equally so, no one to get in your way of progress.” 

Gives freedom

Going solo is as much a responsibility as the freedom to create at your own pace. It gives you the time you need to exhaust your thinking on a subject and move on only when you feel ready. Isaiah says, “Freedom is the best gift we are born with. As it gets slowly taken away without our knowledge and permission, we tend to feel trapped in a way we may find difficult to explain. One way to regain this lost freedom is to go solo. When you work for and by yourself, you can re-discover that sense of freedom. And because it feels natural, it can yield valuable results.”

Lack of new perspectives 

Working solo, no matter what that work is, deprives you of the good company of others. Sure, it also takes away the cumbersome-ness of the collaboration, but by taking away the presence of an impulsive, creative, open, and active mind, it also takes away the value it can bring to your work. Isaiah explains, “When you are working solo, you tend to lose out on the novelty that collaborators can bring. No matter how beautiful and original one’s way of looking might be, there’ll always come a time when you wish to turn to someone for critical feedback or a shift in perception. I’d say one way to stay solo while not losing out on external feedback would be to keep alive your social and professional network.”

Whatever your thoughts on going solo, we are sure Isaiah’s insights will come in handy.

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