‘Investigate poor installation of Vodafone fiber broadband’

The Ministry of Communications has been urged to investigate the poor installation of some Vodafone Ghana fiber broadband in the country.

According to Mr Terry Ampofo, a customer of Vodafone Ghana, the poor installation of the system at Ashale Botwe, in Accra, allegedly resulted in the death of his younger brother, Michael Yaw Twum Ampofo, last year.

He claimed that Vodafone fiber broadband cable, has been installed closer to an Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) 11,000 volts high tension cable against international standards.

Addressing journalists, in Accra, on Monday, MrAmpofo said experts report confirmed the death of his brother was as a result of poor installation of the Vodafone Ghana system into his house.

Mr Ampofo said that Vodafone had rebuffed every attempt by the family to seek compensation for the brother’s death.

He said the Vodafone Ghana installation also posed danger to his household and several attempts to draw the attention of the company to the danger had failed.

“Experts have confirmed that the metal that runs along fiber cable should not enter premises. Fibre cable on its own cannot carry electricity, but these Vodafone fiber cables have metal stiffeners running along them,

“When a person touches the electric cable, the insulation material can be exposed and transmit electricity to the premises. It is easy for a customer to accidentally touch the exposed metal, which are left very close to the routers and might risk serious injury or even death, which has happened to my brother,” Mr Ampofo stated.

He urged the regulatory bodies to ensure that Vodafone Ghana conformed to the best standards to prevent death of innocent people.

Mr Ampofo also advised Vodafone customers to ascertain whether fibre broadband cables have been installed in line with international standards to avoid danger.

Meanwhile, the Corporate Communication Team of Vodafone Ghana, issued a statement in reaction to the allegations by MrAmpofo, after the press conference and admitted knowledge of the incident.

It said “We are aware of the unfortunate event that led to the death of late Ampofo at AshaleyBotwe, Greater Accra, on February 19, 2021.”

The statement said “We are saddened by the incident and have extended our heartfelt condolences to the family. We have cooperated fully and transparently with all the relevant agencies throughout the investigation process”.

It explained that, on October 22, 2021, the authorised representative of the deceased initiated legal action against Vodafone Ghana. 

It said the matter was currently in court and was accordingly unable to make any further comment at the issue.

The statement assured that Vodafone Ghana would continue to provide infrastructure under strict safety procedures and in accordance with laws and regulations.


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