Inusa releases “Hold My Hands”

Ghanaian-German afro musician, Inusa Dawuda, has released a single, dubbed, “Hold My Hands”.

The song, titled- “Hold My Hands” which was written by one of Ghana’s finest journalists, Francis Kokutse, and performed by Inusa’ Dawuda, is making waves worldwide and featuring in many music charts.

According to  Inusa, he is confident  that “Hold My Hands” would be a success soon.

The instrumentals was produced by Dery Korbieh of Bushbeatz, affectionately called Deriboy.

Inusa, known for his international hits like “Morning Light”, Rumors-Digi Digi, Down Down and many more, gave life to the song with his distinctive singing voice, melody and saxophone performance.

Talking about Francis Kokutse, the composer of the song, Inusah said,” He had been my childhood friend who inspired me.”

He later added a nifty version of reggae to top it off. After working on ‘True Love’ for the first time in 2015, an earlier collaboration of the three, Inusa, Francis and Dery, which was released with a team in France, this time, he has decided to get attention in Ghana.

Music lovers are promised another beautiful and positive love song by the trio for airplay and dance floors.

By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme       

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