Institutions tasked to establish robust cyber security measures

Government agencies and corporate institutions have been urged to put in place robust cyber security measures, and systems to protect their data from hackers, in view of the growing cyber threats across the world.

According to the principal manager at the Cyber Security Authority (CSA), Mr Eric Bansah, Ghana’s digitalisation status had created the need for state agencies to protect the country’s data resources.

Speaking during the opening of a two-day seminar held in Accra  for Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)of state agencies and organisations, Mr Bansah, said there was the need for  these state bodies and agencies to prioritise training of their staff on effective cyber security practices, to prevent the exposure of sensitive state data to hackers.

Organised by the Ghana Employers Association, and attended by experts from the GEA, CSA ,Data Protection Commission (DPC)and their Chief Executive Officers, the participants were schooled  them on the country’s cyber security policies, programmes and systems.

“CEOs of state enterprises and organisations need to ensure the security of their personal electronic devices to safeguard sensitive and classified state information from cyber threats,” he said.

Mr Bansah stated that the country had recorded 36 percent of “cyber bullying attacks” hence the need for the citizenry to use efficient security systems to protect their data.

He explained that cyber-bullying occurred when an individual used digital technologies like mobile phones and computers to intentionally harm others.

“Cyber-attacks is when people access information and extort money from users. This activity if not checked can disrupt development”, he said.

The Principal Manager indicated that cyber-crimes were now focused on mobile money fraud, a practice that threatened the activities of organizations and individuals.

The Director for Regulatory and Compliance at Data Protection Commission, Mr Quinton Akrobeto, explained that growing access to the internet had exposed users to dangers of cyber threats and online criminal activities.

He said cyber threats were real, citing instances where terrorists had exploited the internet as a platform to advance their agendas.

The Chief Executive Officer of the GEA, Mr Alex Frimpong, urged the citizenry to secure their mobile money and bank accounts with strong passwords.

“It is so disheartening of how some people can take your hard earned money from your account without your permission and knowledge,” he said.


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