Implement time management in all sectors of economy -Prof Afful-Broni

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), Rev Fr Prof Anthony Afful-Broni, has advocated the adoption and implementation of time management principles in all sectors of the economy with a sound commitment  to achieve the needed transformation.

He explained, that time management was a catalyst for leadership effectiveness and must be made the foundational stone of every Ghanaian in realising the goals for a prosperous society.

Prof Afful-Broni made the statement at an inaugural lecture held at the North campus in Winneba yesterday.

He was speaking on the topic: “Time Management: a magic wand for leadership effectiveness”.

Coincidentally, the lecture which was to celebrate him for his accomplishment as a professor also marked his last public engagement as the Vice Chancellor of UEW.

Prof Affu-Broni explained that, the implementation of time management training programmes, would become the foundation of general discipline in areas of punctuality, hard work and patriotism.

He, therefore, called on the country to consider the possibility of incorporating time management training workshop at the national level through the National Service Secretariat and stated his commitment in dialoguing with the leadership

That, he noted, would present a practical way of becoming one of Ghana’s ways of training its youth into becoming more patriotic, time conscious, focused, punctual and hardworking citizens.

He stressed that, with the cooperation of the respective leadership of the various institutions, time management workshops would be organized at the various assemblies, regional house of chiefs, parliament and the religious groups.

Prof Afful-Broni noted that, “We all need time management if our institutions will work effectively and efficiently”.

He alluded to the fact that, every organization needs time management principles to guide it and stated that, the school community was no exception, saying, “Since the purpose of school leadership is to inspire efficiency and effectiveness in all, and further development of mankind”.

He further underscored the need for a collaboration with the Ghana Education Service (GES) to organize trainer of trainers’ workshop at the national, regional and district levels on time management principles.

These efforts, he said, would lead to the training of headmasters and headmistresses in teachers and students, and further anticipated the establishment of time management clubs in the various senior high schools.

He noted that, time management principles would enable schools to be well positioned as general agents of social change and national development.

Additionally, he proposed to liaise with the Vice Chancellors in providing opportunity for training in time management to other Vice Chancellors, management teams, academic boards and students leadership of the various universities in the country.

The Vice chancellors, according to Prof Afful-Broni should consider incorporating time management into their fresher’s orientation workshops


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