I’ll make positive impact on governance if… – Afriyie Akoto

The former Minister of Food and Agriculture and a presidential candidate hopeful of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr Afriyie Akoto, has appealed to delegates of the party to consider voting for him during the pending primary because he is the most experienced and qualified candidate to lead the NPP to victo­ry in 2024 to make positive impact of governance.

“With my vast experience gained as a minister, former Member of Parliament and 18 years of work­ing experience with the Europe­an Union has strengthen me to concentrate on agriculture as the

 engine of growth of the economy, when granted opportunity to lead NPP and Ghanaians also gives me the nod in the 2024 general elec­tion, I will make positive impact in governance of the country.

“I stand tall among all the as­pirants because of my experience after serving European Union for 18 years, Minister of Food and Agriculture, former Member of Parliament, and my experience will come to bear on governance of the country when allowed to lead NPP and finally elected by Ghanaians in the 2024 elections,” Dr Akoto touted.

He made the appeal when he addressed the media after laying a wreath on the tomb of the late S.G Anto at Logba-Alakpeti in the Afadzato South Constituency of the Volta region in remem­brance of the role his father, Okyeame Baffour Akoto and S.G Anto played during the formative stage of NPP.

Dr Akoto noted that Ghana had potential in agriculture sector, when effectively and efficiently exploited would address socioeco­nomic challenges by stabilising and implementing long term policy in agriculture sector.

He explained that the country had what it took in the sector to build resilient and robust econo­my, which would be done through deliberate policy, for instance, Planting for Food and Jobs, was deliberate long term policy to help build prosperous economy in order to transform fortunes of the country through prudent agricul­ture that would forever grant total economic independence.

A former Deputy Minister of Youth and Employment during former President J.A Kufuor’s regime, Kenwuud Nuworsu, who lauded Dr Akoto for his vision to depend mostly on agriculture to transform the country when the party gave him the opportunity, indicated that, agriculture had po­tential to transform the economy.

He observed that since Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s regime, no government had ever made the effort to invest much in the agri­culture sector because any form of investment would take long term to yield economic result saying “since governments are hungry for power, political parties in govern­ment only implement short term policies to enable them to retain power.”


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