IDEG worried over minority political parties recording continuous significant decline in votes.

The Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG) has expressed worry over minority political parties recording a continuous significant decline in votes during the last three elections held in the country.

It said there was the need to evaluate the performance of the minority parties in term of the reason for their abysmal performance in past elections and to understand why they campaigned against multiparty local governance reforms.

The institute said the challenge being faced in the multiparty democratic governance system, “if not addressed, has the potential to further weaken the nation’s multiparty democracy”.

In a statement, IDEG said it did not understand why the minority parties campaigned against multiparty local governance reforms intended to strengthen and make them more functional in multiparty politics.

In furtherance of this, it held a workshop to evaluate their performance, reasons for abysmal performance, the nitty-gritty of the just-ended 2020 general election and past elections.

It was dubbed ‘Strengthening Small Parties in Multiparty Local Governance – Which Way Forward?’ to help the parties evaluate their role and also identify the factors hindering their performance in successive elections held in the country.

The workshop was geared towards convening the parties to share their experiences, discuss their poor performance in the 2020 elections, past elections, understand the reason why they kicked against multiparty local governance system which was intended to strengthen their participation in Ghana’s democracy, and discuss the way forward for strengthening them in multiparty democracy.

The statement said “having a multiparty local government system strengthens minority parties as they have a better opportunity to be in government, grow and also represent their constituencies”.–

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