ICCWO ends Ramadan Tafsiir programme

The Islamic Charity Centre for Women Orientation( ICCWO), a non-governmental organisation in women empowerment, on Sunday wrapped up its Ramadan Tafsiir Programme and Fundraising with a call on Muslims community to guard against the influence of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuality, Transgender, Intersex, Queen + (LGBTIQ+) community.

Speakers at the ICCWO end of Ramadan TafsiirProgramme held in Accra on Sunday contended that LGBTIQ+ was ungodly and affront to the Islamic religion whose influence must not be accepted.

The Tafsiir Programme, which drew large gathering of membership of the Centre across the country for interpretation of the Quran session as part of the Ramadan activities, was held on the theme “The crises of sexual perversion and homosexuality in the Muslim communities: The Islamic solution.”

Speaking on the theme, HajiaHuraiya Abdul-RazakSikah urged Muslims to learn the Quran and build their intellectual capacities to uphold the teaching of the Holy Book by rejecting the influence of the LGBTIQ+ adding that homosexuality had no place in Islam.

She said some people were born with ‘gender identify disorder’ and urged parents to be aware of such disorders and help them, but not scold them, saying that individuals with such disorders were targets of the LBGTIQ+ community.

Hajia Sikah urged parents to be watchful over their children and guard them against peer pressure, adoption of negative foreign cultures, tendency of getting rich quick, saying those were some of the factors that could drive their children into the fold of the LGBTQ+ community.

For her part, HajiaAeshaKhidir Adam, identified social media as a tool for bad influence on Muslims community if not used properly and wisely, describing social media tool as a ‘double edged sword.’

Hajia Adams, who is the founder of Iqrah Education Centre, urged Muslims to leave correct footprint on social media adding that whatever bad things they got involved in social media would be used to judge them as Muslim, on the day of Judgement.

Wrapping up the TafsiirProgramme, Hajia Aida Jibril, the founder of ICCWO, said the Quran was a perfect guidance from Allah to mankind, and urged Muslims to resist homosexuality adding that, homosexuality was not practiced among animals.

Speaking extensively on the interpretation of the versus in the Qur’an, HajiaJibril reminded of Muslims of piety and to chose the path of righteousness to attain blessings and pleasures of Allah on earth the hereafter.

The event was also used to raise funds for the ICCWO provide for the needs of vulnerable communities.

The Second Lady, Samira Bawumia through her representative donated 30 bags of rice and GHC5,000 in support of the fund raising.


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