IBA, WBA develop roadmap for amateur, pro boxing 

The International Boxing Association (IBA) is set to collaborate with the World Boxing Association (WBA), with a focus on creating single regulations for amateur and professional boxing.

IBA President Umar Kremlev and his WBA counterpart Gilberto Jesus Mendoza have signed an agreement to develop a mutual roadmap for both disciplines when they met in Mexico City.

The partnership will also help with the integration of amateur boxers into professional boxing.

Medical safety and well-being management, coaches’ development and accordance with technical and competition rules are among the other key areas that the partnership will focus on.

“Within IBA, we are building a Global home of boxing,” IBA President Kremlev said.

“The cooperation between IBA and WBA can provide the future of boxing as a sport, our goal is to build the bridge between the two organizations and give more opportunities to all boxers worldwide.”

A joint academy has also been planned with the two bodies set to work new competition concepts and joint events.

“This agreement with IBA is something that will bring many benefits to boxing,” Mendoza said.

“I have always had the slogan that ‘Boxing is One’ and being able to bring the most important entity of professional boxing closer to the most outstanding of amateur boxing is a huge step towards achieving our goals and integrating this great sport.”

The WBA will also help IBA with implementation of the World Boxing Tour programme as part of the agreement.  

Finally, a combined development programme for trainers is being planned while the two governing bodies also plan to work together on marketing strategies for events. –insidethegames

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