‘I was surprised someone I looked up to sabotaged me’

Ghanaian actor, director and film producer, Eddie Nartey, has expressed shock at how someone he looked up to, in the movie industry sabotaged him.

This was in the wake of the confession by Nigerian Director, Frank Rajah Arase that he sidelined Eddie and colleague Ekow Smith Asante due to tales he heard about them years ago.

Speaking to The Spectator, Eddie Nartey said, though he was unfazed about the public confession, because Frank had personally called him to apologize, it came to him as a surprise, that someone he adored, looked up to and understudied could sabotage him over hearsays.

According to the actor, “it was a great moment working with Frank, and I must say, I really looked up to him and learnt a lot from him, and throughout our work, I never had any challenge with him.”

“There were times I asked myself why I was not used in his productions, even though I was good and had friendly rapport with him,” Eddie Nartey revealed.

According to Eddie Nartey, he was in a state of disbelief, when Frank Rajah first called him to confess that he sabotaged him in the past due to some stories he heard about him.

Even though Eddie Nartey revealed to the paper that he had forgiven Frank Rajah, he said it was prudent to use his case as a reference point to advise people to desist from unjustifiably tarnishing the image of their friends.

According to him, this had the tendency to destroy the destiny of others. “Those of us in the movie industry must stop backbiting, come together as an industry and lift others up.”

He was happy that in view of all of these, he was able to learn a lot, which made it possible for him to have his movies compete with that of Frank Rajah in international award schemes.

For him, he was glad to have moved on and pursued his dream, which has made him successful.

He also revealed that there were projects he had embarked upon, which would be released soon.

By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme

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