‘I was surprised as only elected NPP MP in UE/R’

Abdulai Abanga, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Binduri Constituency in the Upper East Region, has stated that he was surprised to be elected as the only New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP)in the Upper East Region.

“I was surprised when the message got to me that I was the only elected NPP MP in the Upper East Region but in the seventh Parliament we had three seats in the region,” he said.

Mr. Abanga stressed that “in the seventh Parliament we had Navrongo Central, Bawku West and Tempane constituencies but in this eighth Parliament the tables have turned.

“For now, I am more or less representing the people of Upper East on the side of the government, as the other MPs from other constituencies are from the National Democratic Congress (NDC), so on the side of the government, I will have to represent the entire region because my party is in government,” he said.

 Mr Abanga explained said certain decisions were taken in Parliament, while otherswere made by the government in terms of growth and development, “so I will have to be the mouthpiece of the people of Upper East within the fold of the NPP”.

He claimed that he had a difficult task ahead of him as the only NPP MP in the region and would try his best to make the region proud as it was not going to be easy for him as the only NPP MP for the Upper East.

“I have to also try as much as possible to visit various places so that I can be appraised with what is happening there and then I can speak for them.However, I hope to have cordial relationship with the NDC MPs from the Upper East Region.

“But there is no doubt I have good relationship with other MPs even though they come from other political ideologies. I know all of them are people who are interested in growth and development for their communities,so working together with those MPs will push for growth and development of our region,” Mr Abanga said. -GNA

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