I never constructed a google map-witness

Mr Baffour Appenteng Nyamekye, Assistant Commissioner of Police has told an Accra high court hearing the trial of the alleged murderers of the late Major Maxwell Mahama that he never constructed a google map.

He said rather he re-constructed the crime scene sketch.

Mr Appenteng, who has served with the Ghana Police Service for 30 years,  was answering questions in further cross-examination by Mr Bernard Shaw, the counsel for William Baah, and said he added a couple of inputs to the google map to arrive at the crime scene sketch.

Asked, whether he knew that the military was in that district to give protection to a mining company called C and G, he answered in the affirmative.

The defence again asked the witness, whether he knew the company was doing illegal mining in the area and the witness said he was in the town to investigate a murder case and not illegal mining.

“Do you know whether any forensic examination had been done to know, who and whoever handle those items used in the lynching,” counsel asked and the witness said, “My Lord we took the cement blocks, stones with blood stains and the guns for the examination but because of the rough nature of the blocks and stones nothing can be done.”

He explained that with the two shot guns, the results were forwarded to the A-G’s Department.

Mr Shaw asked the witness whether he knew the late military officer was killed in a valley but the witness disagreed saying, he was killed behind a mud building and not in a valley. –GNA

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