I Am Young . . . Forgive Me – Akuapem Polo Apologizes To Mampong Chief

Rosemond Brown, popularly known as ‘Akuapem Polo’ has apologized to the Apesemakahene of Mampong Akuapem following her confrontation with him over the use of the name “Akuapem”.

Akuapem Polo, who has gained popularity for her character that most people consider as weird, has recently come under intense pressure and strong criticism from the Apesemakahene of Mampong Akuapem, Nana Yirenkyi I who wants her to stop using the name because, to him, Akuapem Polo doesn’t deserve such a name.

Nana Yirenkyi I threatened to go to all lengths to legitimately compel Akuapem Polo to stop calling herself by that name claiming she is a disgrace to the entire Akuapem community.

” . . natives of Akuapem are known to be respectful and living decent lifestyles. They don’t go nude neither do they display any character that suggests they’re indecent. So, if this lady is exhibiting a character that the people and I think is not in conformity with the character of Akuapem people, then we have every right to tell her to stop using the name. It gives us a bad image. I’m telling her to stop using the name or else we will take her to court to compel her to remove the name. There are laws in this country. This lady can’t tarnish our image with this kind of lifestyle,” he said in an interview on “Entertainment Ghana” on Neat FM.

‘Akuapem Polo’, in her response, asked the Chief to mind his business because she is only doing her job as a model and has not committed any wrongdoing against the people of Akuapem.

Speaking to host Kwame Adjetia on the entertainment programme on Neat FM, ‘Akuapem Polo’ said “I am a video vixen. I model in music videos. As a model, what do you expect? As a model, this is what I do“.

Tempers began to flare between the two as none of them would yield to the other.

But Peace 104.3 FM’s evening drive-time show host and Chief of Mamfe Akuapem with the stool name “Apasem aka Hene”, who was also on the programme, advised Akuapem Polo saying though Akuapem Polo may be doing her job as a model, it is not right for her to go nude since it portrays the people of Akuapem differently to Ghanaians.

According to him, Akuapem Polo can still use the name but she has to promise that moving forward, she will turn a new leaf by projecting herself as a decent girl and do things that will rather enhance her brand.

Akuapem Polo subsequently apologized to Nana Yirenkyi I saying “I am a young person. If I do something wrong, I’d expect that you call me and talk to me personally. I ask Nana Yirenkyi I to forgive me.

“If I have committed a wrongdoing against the entire Akuapem land, he should forgive me“.

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