Husband beats wife to pulp over ‘chop money’

A 42-year-old woman, Mrs Veronica Narh, has been beaten to pulp by her husband, a fisherman, at Maheam-Galilea, Kasoa, following a misunderstanding between the couple.

The victim, who collapsed and suffered multiple injuries, including an eye injury, was rushed to the Amanfrom Polyclinic, Kasoa.

She was reportedly stripped by her husband while on her way to the bathroom and beaten over housekeeping money (chop money).

Narrating her ordeal to the Ghanaian Times, Mrs Narh said her husband, MrNosseyAnohia, beat her because she requested for more than the GH₵20.00 he provided while getting ready for a funeral.

“I was just trying to explain to him that the GH₵20.00 he gave me will not be enough for the whole family for three days and this angered him, resulting in these multiple injuries I have sustained,” MrsNarh said.

According to MrsNarh, whose right eye, as at Sunday, was still visibly swollen, said she feared for her life as her husband had proven that he was unrepentant.

She said for the past 20 years, the husband has been assaulting her, adding that all previous cases ended at family meetings and her husband, was warned by the heads of both families.

Residents, in separate interviews with the Ghanaian Timesaccused MrAnohia of constantly assaulting the wife.

An eye witness, Emmanuel Anohia, son of the victim, lamented that his father had been beating his mother at the least provocation for years now.

He said that the latest incident nearly claimed his mother’s life as she fell and remained unresponsive till a group of people came to her rescue and rushed her to the Amanfrom Polyclinic.

“My father kicked my mother severally and pushed her to the ground after which he hit her strongly on her face. People were screaming and requesting that he stopped beating her, but he didn’t mind them. I went to hold my father in attempts to stop beating my mum but he overpowered me,” Emmanuel Anohia said.

“I got angry and decided to find something to hit him with when I saw him stamping on my mother’s abdomen. It was a horrible scene though not his first time,” he added.

A neighbour of the couple, Ms Ernestina Siaw told the Ghanaian Times that MrAnohia was fond of physically abusing the victim, adding that he was once fined by opinion leaders for assaulting his wife, but had not stopped the habit.

Pleading anonymity, another resident and witness to the latest attack on MrsNarh, said she had countlessly advised the victim to get separated from the husband, but all had fallen on death ears.


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