How to attract long-term success, according to Marty Evan Jacobs

Sustainability is the active process of establishing an initiative and not just running the program, but also cultivating relationships, practices, and strategies that will be part of the initiative’s long-term success. While people have varied motivations for pursuing sustainability in various sectors of life, achieving long-term success in any field necessitates the adoption of a sustainable approach. Marty Evan Jacobs, an entrepreneur and investor, spoke with us on the necessity of focusing on long-term goals and sustainability for success in any industry.

Marty Evan Jacobs is a Co-Founder of Astra Strategies and Columbia Marketing & Management. His company specializes in brand development and social media management for small enterprises. His lifestyle brand-building mission has evolved over time as he realized the value of focusing on long-term goals for a sustainable future. With a strong desire to write and share stories, Jacobs developed a media company and started investing in new businesses.

According to Marty Evan Jacobs, sustainability begins with developing clear, detailed plans in the form of goals that show how structured efforts will produce desired outcomes. “As you start a venture, it becomes critical to have long-term goals for sustainability because they portray the bigger picture,” explains Jacobs. He advises entrepreneurs to start thinking about long-term goals for sustainability as soon as they decide to start a business.

Marty Evan Jacobs further explains that making the necessary changes to match business processes with far-reaching goals can be complex. However, as a visionary business leader, you must develop a communicable plan that satisfies operational needs and context while also being actionable.

Success is like compound interest, an accumulation of efforts, planning, and commitment to make a dream transform into reality. This is why Marty Evan Jacobs emphasizes that sustainable long-term strategies play a key role in understanding and attracting business success for the long run.

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