How The Ability To Persevere Helped Jesse Boyce Attain Massive Success

When talking about life giving lemons, it’s always better to acknowledge it as a feature than a bug in the system. Numbers say it all; two out of every five Americans will report being laid off from work at least once. One in five startups fail in the first year. Close to half of all marriages in the United States can expect to end with divorce.

Things not going according to plan is as common an occurrence as seeing the sky is blue. Still, that doesn’t stop us from freezing up, plunging into despair, or just pretending nothing’s wrong when something unpleasant hits the fan. It’s at that time that Jesse Boyce would like everyone to dig deep and work even harder.

The Benefits of Perseverance

Jesse Boyce is a 23-year-old business consultant, mentor, and former Division 1 basketball player. In his business career—the few years that it lasted—he managed to work with over 1,000 people from all walks of life who have had something in common: they were under pressure to succeed, and they needed someone to help them leverage social media to do it.

Jesse dealt with the pressures of his business flawlessly. He had to, otherwise he wouldn’t be where he is today at such a young age. When talking honestly and drawing on personal experiences, which is something his clients want him to do, Jesse says that he’s had his fair share of dark times in his life. The one thing that helped him through all of them was the ability to persevere and just keep pushing forward.

In fact, for Jesse, this is one of the most important personal traits. “What sets a successful person apart from the rest,” he says, “is the ability to work hard through the dark times. That’s what creates true success.”

Having the Right Mindset

Of course, none of this would be possible without having the right kind of mindset—the type of mind that sees obstacles as challenges that need to be conquered. That’s a mindset that wants to rise to any occasion. It’s the mindset that sees effort as the thing that will help the individual grow, even if he ends up failing.

None of this, however, would be possible without the ability to focus, and that’s something Jesse is adamant about. “Find something that you’re passionate about,” Jesse Boyce says, “and work like an animal at it.” Passion and focus are the two key traits that can keep anyone working no matter how tough the times are or how difficult the job is.

Because we all eventually fail, giving it one’s all also lets one save some honor when they simply can’t make it. But that’s life; sometimes it doesn’t work out. However, the only way to ensure that things never work out is to never try and always bend under the pressure.

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