How Churches marked Easter in Upper East Region

Churches in the Upper East Region as part of activities marking the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, held separate Easter Conventions at various communities in the region.

The event was characterised by sermons delivered by men of God on the death and the resurrection of Christ and its significance to the contemporary day, as well as praises and worships.

 At the  Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT)  Hall  in the Bolgatanga Municipality , the  11  separate  branches of the Assemblies of God, Ghana drawn from the Bolgatanga and Bongo Zone A  begun the celebration  on Thursday and climaxed it  on Sunday.

Preaching a sermon on the theme ‘Remembrance’, Reverend Dr Lazarus Akaburi, the Head Pastor of the Assemblies of God Redemption Church, told the congregation that, no matter how difficult the situation was, God still remembers His Servants.

He cited different personalities in the Bible including Jesus Christ, Abraham, Abednego and Shadrack, Daniel, Joseph, Esther among others who faced difficult situations, but God intervened to address their challenges.

Reverend Dr Akaburi ,  therefore, encouraged Christians not to give up in difficult situations but to resort to God through prayers, stressing that God knew the appropriate time when he often intervenes to bless and rescue His people.

Preaching on the theme ‘The Third Day’ on Sunday   to climax the event, Reverend Dominic Ziba, of the Holy Ghost Temple, stated that the significant of the ‘Third Day’ could not be over emphasised in the Christian life.

He told the congregation that when the oppressors killed Christ and buried him, they were confident that they had finished everything and never would Christ resurrect, but on the third day God resurrected him to the amazement of the oppressors.

’’So it goes with the present day, when your enemies think that they have finished you, that is the time God performs His wonders. So brothers and sisters, never give up in life in worship with the only true God,’’ Reverend Ziba told the Congregation.

He added that what was even so amazing and shocking to the oppressors who persecuted Christ to death was that everybody knew that after one was buried for three days, the body decomposed but Christ body did not decompose.

Reverend Ziba, therefore, stood on the above scripture and prophesised to the congregation who had converged at the GNAT Hall auditorium that they would see their major breakthrough after the third day.


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