Hold us accountable Majority leader to media, CSOs

Majority Leader, Alex­ander Afen­yo-Markin, has charged civil society organisations (CSO) and the media to hold the leg of the political class to the fire of accountability to help create a new generation of politi­cians in the country.

He said a vibrant media and civil society would help keep the polit­ical class in check and hold them accountable to improve the lot of the people.

The Effutu MP said though politicians may not be enthused about the watchdog role played by the media and CSOs, they remain critical to the personal growth of the politician and the development of the society in general.

“The media and civil society organisations are those who will put bitter pill on our tongue to heal us because power can mislead you and you may easily forget yourself,” he said.

The Majority Leader made this call when he handed over laptops to 25 teachers from the Effutu Constituency in Parliament, Accra, on yesterday.

The laptops presentation is part of the Majority Leader’s ‘one teacher, one laptop’ policy for teachers in the Effutu municipality.

“If you know there is a vibrant media and civil society organisation out there, you as a politician too will check yourself.

“If we the politician will reform and if we will take up a new thinking line, it will come from you the media. Do not encourage us to do what we want but pinch us on issues on the floor of the House,” he added.

Using himself as an example, the legislator said it took a media organisation to bring a disturbing issues to his attention; an issue he has since addressed following the media reportage.

“With that singular report, we have improved the facilities at the hospital in the Asuakyire area, we built a big community centre, a police station, good road network and we are building a new immi­gration office.

“This is because somebody pointed the deficiencies in my leadership and I took it all in good stride.

“I want to encourage our media personnel to take up that challenge as it is an election year; nothing stops you from commending the government on its major break­throughs, whereas you point to us the challenges in the various communities.”

This is the kind of media, he said, Ghana needs to keep persons in leadership on their toes.

“When we as politicians come on your airwaves and we are shouting and yelling at each other and insulting, stop us and remind us that this is not the way to go but what your people need,” he stated.


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