Ho residents count losses from heavy rainfall

Residents of Donokodzi and Desiadenyo in Ho are counting their losses after two days of intermittent downpour caused massive floods which filled their homes up to knee level.

The floods on Sunday and Monday filled about 100 houses, destroying personal belonging and causing widespread destruction to livestock.

As at Sunday, officials of National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) assisted some residents to move upland during the heavy rainfall which also claimed portions of the road between Titrinu and Donokodzi and brought traffic to standstill for three hours.

In one house at Desiadenyo, the parents of a new born baby took turns to carry her while standing in the water-filled room all night long.

Meanwhile, vast acres of crops were destroyed by the floods.

There was no report of human casualty at the time of filing this report.

As of Monday, the floods retreated a little but the compounds of many homes were still filled with water.

Mr Divine Bosson, Volta Regional Director of NADMO said that the phenomenon was mind boggling because the areas were not known to be prone to floods.

However, he attributed the destruction partly to the erection of unauthorised structures in water ways and on other unproved sites by lawless residents.

As a first step towards addressing the problem, Mr Bosson said the Department of Urban Roads and Ho Municipal Assembly were helping to dredge the water ways in the two areas.

“We are set to start a headcount of the displaced, which we believe run into several scores,” he said when he led a team of NADMO officials to tour the affected areas on Monday.

Mr Bosson said reports indicating that a contractor had blocked the course of a stream at Desiadenyo to make way for a building project would be investigated.

The NADMO team also visited Sokode-Lokoe where the floods caused a similar mess.


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