Hillsborough survivors commit suicide after footage replayed

Two Liverpool fans who survived the Hillsborough disaster have killed themselves after being ‘retriggered’ by the scenes that marred the Champions League final in Paris.

Peter Scarfe from the Hillsborough Survivors Support said at an event on Monday the two supporters had taken their own lives since the game at the Stade de France in May.

Sportsmail understands neither fan, one of who was 52 and the other 63, were in attendance at the final against Real Madrid.

A total of 97 Liverpool fans were killed as a result of the deadly crush at Hillsborough, and the chaos that occurred prior to the Paris final evoked painful memories for Reds fans.

Thousands of supporters in Paris were forced into a dangerous situation as they were cramped into tight tunnels as they tried to gain access to the stadium. Some, including women and children, were pepper-sprayed and tear-gassed by French police.

“This year alone, we’ve had three suicides,” Scarfe said, according to the Liverpool Echo. “That’s three too many.

“One was just before the anniversary because he didn’t want to face another anniversary, two of them were retriggers from Stade de France.

“The memory of 1989 has come back to haunt them because the events at the Stade de France have many points in common with those at Hillsborough.

“In both cases there were crowd movements complicated by bottlenecks, people pressed against each other under a tunnel, blocked turnstiles preventing entry into the stadium and above all false charges later.”

Scarfe also said the group had “put fans through therapy” in the wake of the events in Paris, which are the subject of an ongoing UEFA investigation.

“We shouldn’t be doing this, it shouldn’t be happening,” he added.

Nearly 2,000 Liverpool supporters are suing UEFA for their organisation of the final, claiming they were injured or left with psychological trauma by the incidents.

The game between the Reds and Real Madrid was delayed by 35 minutes after disruption outside the stadium, with UEFA first blaming ‘security issues’ for the hold up. – Sportsmail

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