High court urged to commit Auditor-General to prison for contempt

The Senior Minister, Mr Yaw Osafo Maafo, and four others, have filed a suit at the Accra High Court urging the court to commit Mr Daniel Yao Domelevo, the Auditor-General (AG), to prison for contempt of court.

The applicants said the A-G has failed to comply with the law to file a response to an appeal in the case in which he surcharged the Senior Minister and four others to refund monies allegedly paid to a UK company for no work done.

Displeased by the decision of the A-G, Mr Maafo and the four other persons filed an appeal at the High Court and served the A-G.

They asked the court to hold that the conduct of the A-G “clearly amounts to a gross contumacious disrespect to the authority and sanctity of the law and. therefore, ought to be punished in accordance with the law”.

Mr Maafo and the four other persons  also urged the court to make consequential orders, including the setting aside of the “impugned decision of the respondent”.

The applicants said the refusal of the A-G to file documents as required by law was evident that the decision made by the A-G against them was actuated by malice and a calculated attempt to impugn their hard won reputation.

Mr Maafo and the four other persons argued that Mr Domelevo was required by law to file a response to the appeal after 14 days service on him, but he failed to do so.

They said that a search conducted at the High Court, Accra, on January 14, 2020, has revealed that although the A-G was served with the appeal on December 13, 2019, he has refused to comply with the law.

Their counsel, Mr Yaw Opong contended that the failure to respond to the appeal 14 days after service of the appeal on the A-G, constitutes contempt of court.


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