Herbal preparation can’t cure breast cancer – Dr Wiafe

The President of Breast Care International (BCI), an non-governmental organisation, Dr (Mrs)Beatrice Wiafe-Addai has urged women to seek medical treatment for breast cancer and stop consulting ‘native doctors’ for cure of the disease.

According to her herbal remedies cannot cure breast cancer, hence it is important for women to visit proper health facilities adding “The breasts are very important organs, we should handle them with care and we should be checking the breast every month.”

Dr Beatrice Wiafe-Addai who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Peace And Love Hospitals in Kumasi and Accra, was speaking at a breast education and screening at the Assemblies of God Retreat Conference in Kumasi on Thursday.

It was attended by 200 local churches from all its 12 Ashanti North districts.

A total of 537 women were screened out of which sevencases of concern were recorded.

“Whatever you find in your breast don’t say it’s not painful so it’s nothing, please report to the hospital don’t go and waste all the time in the prayer camp, let your pastor pray for you as you go to the hospital for treatment,” she emphasised.

Breast cancer cannot be treated by herbal preparations as we speak now, so we should not also waste the time applying herbs to the breast expecting the cancer to disappear, we should rather go to the hospital for meaningful treatment,” she said.

The Church’s Regional Director of Women’s Wing, Rev Mrs. Gladys Agyei, said the church would continue to conduct sensitisation and screening to raise awareness and provide counselling to members.

While they pray for healing, she encouraged them to visit the hospital for medical attention.

“We teach them about the spiritual aspect, we also need the physical aspect also because most of the women when they’re having problems with their breasts, they go to prayer camps and other things and then again the time they will come to hospital they will see that it has become worse,” she said.


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