Help deal with inflation of cost of road projects —Roads Minister to Engineers

The Minister of Roads and Highways Akwasi Amoako-Atta has urged the Ghana consortium of Engineers to support government deal with the menace of inflated road projects.

According to him, the inflated cost of road projects has become a bother for government hence the need to find a lasting solution.

 “As engineers and technocrats, you have to think through this issue critically and advice government accordingly, because a kilometer of road in Ghana is more expensive than other African countries even though they have better and more quality roads” he added.

Mr Amoako-Atta said this when he met consultants engaged by the ministry to supervise road projects.

The maiden meeting was to afford both parties the opportunity to brainstorm on past years activities and challenges towards charting a new way forward.

The minister explained that though a lot of factors come into play when developing estimates and pricing and that the cost cannot be accepted beyond a certain threshold since the politician who was at the forefront was always accused of wrong doing, knowing very well that it was the consultants and technocrats who do the pricing before advising the politician, adding “that no politician can engage in corrupt activity with the help of technocrats”

He stated that despite the fact that most projects pass through the Central Tender Review Board, the public procurement authority and other relevant processes including feasibility studies, detailed designs before the estimate documents are prepared, the moment it was realised that there was over pricing, the technocrats and consultants just vanish leaving the politician in the lurch to be bombarded and lambasted.

As the president has declared 2021 as another year of roads, he said it behooves on them to exhibit the highest professional conduct to ensure that the people got value for money through effective supervision to ensure quality jobs.

 The minister noted that though most of them were delivering on their given tasks, there were some deviant ones who collude with contractors to engage in negative activities to the detriment of the nation.

 “Yes you are men and women of substance, but in every home there is a Mensah, who collects money and allows contractors use substandard materials, they do not visit the site but generate fake reports in the comfort of their beds all these must come to an end because the government would not entertain such conducts.

 “As such, you must protect your professional credibility, be bold and strong to resist any wrong doing to the benefits of mother Ghana” he added.

The Chair and President of the Ghana Consortium Engineers, Albert Vialla commended the minister for initiating processes to have both parties dialogue on challenges confronting the sector.

 He assured of members commitment to eschew inappropriate behaviour and work to improve upon past years performance.


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