IN the Tuesday, April 9, 2019 edition of the Times we boldly titled our story on Page 15, “After Sunday’s heavy rain: Meteo predicts more downpour.” That Sunday’s downpour was heavy would not be an overstatement of fact, that Nature was in its torrential mood, and could not be stopped. Water indeed found its level, and helpless, hapless man was once again of at mercy!

And the aftermath of its all? Devastation, ruin, disruption of economic activities, and sadly, loss of lives, in Accra and elsewhere in the country. Could it be said Nature was punishing the citizenry for impeding its course? Pity!

For the last umpteen years, the country has gone through this phenomenon perennially, only to be assured of mitigating measures to avert them, which are never adhered to.

The Ghanaian Times cannot count the number of losses fellow countrymen and women have incurred, lives that have been cut short by the rains, and the economic hardships people have been thrown into.

We need the rains for the farms and good harvests, but our poor management of it has resulted in our throwing up our hands in despair, anytime Nature comes calling. This is sad; this is indeed melancholical!

The Ghanaian Times  report did not only report the heavy downpour, but went further to warn the public to brace themselves for more, as predicted by Mr Michael Padi, Head of the Meteorological forecast office of the Ghana Meteorological Authority, hence his advice to the public to take the necessary precautionary measures, to avert any more calamities.

Mr Padi warns, that the whole coastal belt-Greater Accra, Western and Central Regions and inland Ashanti Eastern and Volta Regions are expected to record  heavy rains, and specifically mentions around the Volta Lake i.e Kete rachi, Dambai and Hohoe, stretching though Koforidua and the Kwahu mountains as areas to be affected.

He further warns of heavy thunderstorms and lightening which may pose serious danger to lives and property, and counsels the residents of these areas to stay indoors during such turbulent times.

We cannot agree more with Mr Padi, and asks fellow compatriots not to put themselves in harm’s way, even when the rains do not come in torrents for us every life matters, and we should do all we can to save ourselves from such natural occurrences as rains, thunder, and earthquakes.

We believe that Authorities would sit up and ensure the minimisation of losses and accident, we commiserate with all who fell prey to the rains and hope they would gird their loins and pick themselves up to lives their live normally.

The Meteorological Authority has spoken, and we hope all would give Mr Padi and his men and women the required ears so as to save ourselves from further calamities. Should we do it the better it, would be for all of us.

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