Heal your body and your soul with guidance from William McGirr

In pursuit of success and wealth, we tend to forget the importance of our health. We put aside our well-being to work long hours and spend most of our days in front of screens. Some of us fail to ever realize that our jobs and the stress of everyday life are weakening us physically and mentally until it’s too late.

William McGirr (@william_mcgirr), owner and primary Naturopathic practitioner at Two Peacocks (@twopeacockss), says he was once caught up in the same unfulfilling lifestyle. It was when he noticed that his work was starting to affect his health seriously that he made a change, spending the next few years focusing on holistic healing and transforming his life.

It took a few years for McGirr to heal his body and soul, he says. But when he perceived the tremendous benefits of holistic healing, he came up with a new concept – Two Peacocks. McGirr became a Naturopathic practitioner and started the #FreeYourPeacock movement, hoping that he could help people all over the world embrace holistic healing.

What Is Holistic Healing?
It is said that holistic healing is the combination of traditional medicine and alternative therapy. These practices are meant to treat the body, mind, and soul as one piece to fix the underlying causes of disease and to improve overall wellness.

According to the holistic approach, a disease is caused by an imbalance in the entire body instead of just one part. Holistic healers help people get in touch with their inner selves and achieve good health by strengthening their emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental wellness as a whole.

Two Peacocks, a Complete Holistic Practice

Alternative practices are broken down into five broad categories – 
1.    Complete holistic approach
2.    Mind and body medicine
3.    Biological/body process therapies
4.    Manipulative body-based practices
5.    Energy-based methods.

Each practice deals with particular maladies. A practice’s usefulness varies depending on the user’s mental and spiritual state and how advanced the problem they’re dealing with is.

At Two Peacocks, McGirr says they offer a complete holistic practice that promotes a different understanding of diseases in general and how to deal with them. McGirr says he looks at humanity through its value, helping others transform their lives by seeking the value in themselves. With the help of Yin-Yoga, Reiki sessions, regenerative detoxification, and breathing workshops, he has helped people heal their body and soul to start living a joyful, fulfilled life. McGirr says his methods aren’t necessarily what most people are used to, but they are incredibly effective in helping people uncover their hidden selves and start healing.

As someone who has struggled to find their place in the world, McGirr says he was only able to realize what he wanted when he faced the realities of who he was as a person. Today, his primary goal is to help those around him heal and evolve. Join McGirr’s #FreeYourPeacock movement and start transforming your life.

William McGirr (@william_mcgirr), owner and primary Naturopathic practitioner at Two Peacocks (@twopeacockss), says he was once caught up in the same unfulfilling lifestyle.

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