Hassan Ayariga slams NDC over #FixTheCountry

The Founder and leader of the All People’s Congress, Hassan Ayariga, has slammed the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on their support for the #FixTheCountry campaign.

He explained that it was hypocritical for the NDC, who were in power not less than five years ago, to be trumpeting the calls for the country to be fixed when they equally had the chance and did nothing.

Mr Ayariga, the two-time presidential candidate of the APC, said the same issues that the citizenry were calling for to be remedied today are the same issues that the NDC oversaw during their tenure and did nothing about them.

He also spoke on a number of issues in relation to leadership in the country, as well as issues on the #OccupySaglemi, which he spearheaded. 

He indicated that there were two groups of people who had taken over the #FixTheCountry campaign; the first was the NDC group shouting on the government to fix the country and yet four years ago the NDC was in power and the second group was the ordinary Ghanaians but four years ago, close to five years ago, the NDC was in power.

“The roads they are crying to be fixed, are the same roads they took over and did not fix… the issues of power, sanitation, they took power eight years and could not fix it, the issue of three square meals for Ghanaians, they could not fix it, the issue of housing projects, they could not fix it and issues of hospitals without beds, they did not fix them.

“It smacks of hypocrisy for them to be one of the main groups involved in the campaign, accusing them of only doing so because they want power, the issue of accommodation and the issues of production, manufacturing and industrialisation, they did not fix it.

“Now, they stand somewhere, and they start shouting fix the country when you got the power to rule the country, what did you fix? You did not fix the country so, they are shouting because they want power,” Mr Ayariga decried. –ghanaweb.com

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