Harlequin Oil and Gas adjudged Local Content Achievement Company of the Year 2020

 Harlequin Oil and Gas (HOG), a Ghanaian owned fabrication, hydraulics and general engineering services company,  has been adjudged ‘Local Content Achievement Company of the Year 2020’ by The Oil and Gas Year  (TOGY), an oil and gas journal with global footprints. 

The award recognised the importance of recent acquisition of the Harlequin Group by a group of local entrepreneurs in 2018.

 The acquisition made the Harlequin Group, an already prominent player in the upstream service sector, eligible for certification by the Petroleum Commission (PC) as a fully indigenous Ghanaian company in 2019.

 The Co-Chief Executive Officer for Joint Venture (JV) and Strategic Alliances, Harlequin Oil and Gas Limited, Mr Kofi Oduro Mensah in a statement said: “We are highly appreciative that a global industry journal has recognised what we are doing at Harlequin to further develop Ghana’s fledgling upstream oil and gas space.”

“We dedicate this award and associated recognition to each and every one of our hardworking employees who relentlessly pursue the highest level of perfection in our day-to-day operations,” he said.

In an interview that was published in the special ‘Ghana 2020’ edition of TOGY, Mr Mensah noted the general drive towards indigenisation within the Ghanaian oil and gas sector.  

He commended the Petroleum Commission for creating an environment in which indigenous businesses were able to gain a stronger foothold   in the industry and encouraged local businesses to continuously develop local expertise.

Mr Mensah recalled the introduction of the local content law, LI 2204, in 2013 during which services such as catering  and general manpower supply chain were reserved for fully indigenous companies and said  that  trend was now evolving  with local companies beginning to offer technical services to International  Oil Companies and international service companies alike. 

Mr Mensah stressed the need for the minimum participation percentage requirements for local participation in joint ventures increased to 20 per cent in the amendment to the Local Content Regulation LI 2204 slated to be introduced this year. 

“With a higher equity stake, indigenous companies could ensure that these JVs are adding value to the country, as opposed to only existing as JVs on paper,” he said.

Mr Frederick Hesse-Tetteh, Co-CEO for Projects, Commercial and Corporate Strategy, shared his excitement for the future of Ghana’s upstream oil and gas industry and noted the various upcoming projects within the sector. 

“We are excited about the future. With the Springfield and Aker Energy findings, there seems to be a lot of upcoming activities. In the next two or three years, we expect to see a huge boom in full field development and oil production, with additional assets moored offshore including FPSOs and rigs which shall provide opportunities for local business,” he said.

On Harlequins offerings and what services they can offer within the upstream sector, Mr Hesse-Tetteh said, “Our major services and flagship projects are the turnkey fabrication of subsea equipment, including suction piles, manifolds, steel bend restrictors, holdback anchors, and mud mats.”

Mr  Hesse-Tetteh was optimistic about the future of Harlequin and said in the next decade the company planned to develop its 50-acre facility into an oil services hub providing a host of engineering services to the upstream oil and gas value chain.

“We hope to make a positive impact on the industry by providing outstanding quality services and by continuously evolving our service offering to meet client demands. In a decade, we want to have proven that local African industry players have what it takes to get the job done too,” the Co-CEO said.

Harlequin Pix/samba/15-04-2020

Caption: Mr Mensah (left) with Mr Hesse-Tetteh

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