Happykids school observes ‘My dream career day’

 Happykids Montessori School has celebrated its 2022“My dream career day” with students dressed in different uni­forms to represent what the various companies, institutions and organi­sations stand for in the country.

The event was to assist the pupils fashion out the professions they would want to pursue in future.

During the ceremony, pupils and students of the school dressed as doctors, nurses, army officials, police and fire service officers.

Madam Jemima Nartey, the Chief Executive Officer of the school, asked the school children to respect their teachers because all profession­als achieved their dreams because they respected teachers who taught them and they also worked hard.

“With the help of a teacher and some effort of the student, a child can achieve his or her dream of becoming whatever he or she wants in future,” she said.

She explained that the occasion was meant to provide the children with knowledge about the various professions so that they could decide what they wanted to be in future.

“Career day is celebrated annually to educate students towards their future dream of work. This is very important because, we always make the students to wear the uniform without knowing why they wear the uniform.

Why they choose a particular job over the other, she stated.”

She pointed out that, the career day celebration was a wakeup call to the school and the teachers to ed­ucate students on why institutions, such as the security services, would wear a uniform and have a coat of arms including other features.

The career day celebration, she indicated, gave the students a sense of belonging and a form of safety, likewise, a means of advertisement and at the same time, enhance the image of the organisation.


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