Haaland’s agent confirms plans being made for Man City exit

The agent of Erling Haaland has admitted that Real Madrid is a “dreamland” for every player.

Super-agent, Rafaela Pimenta, claims the Spanish giants still have a “magic” that players find difficult to resist de­spite the riches of the Premier League.

Manchester City signed Haaland for £51m last summer ahead of Real Madrid, but there is still a strong belief that the 33-goal striker’s long term ambition is to play for the 14 time European champions.

Pimenta, talking at the FT Business of Football summit in London, said: “There is the Premier League. And there is Real Madrid. And Real Madrid has something of its own that makes it the Dreamland for the players. Madrid keeps this magic going. It doesn’t have the league competition, but it does have the Champions League.”

Brazilian lawyer Pimenta, who succeeded as Haaland’s lead agent after the death of Mino Raiola last year, said she maps out the careers of players and the Norway striker wanted to move to City but it is clear he may not be there for life.

She added: “In my agency we try to make a plan. We have to make a plan. We need to have a goal. Maybe we won’t achieve it, but if we don’t know where we’re going for sure, we don’t get there.

“When we have a player, we make plans. Even if the player is 15 years old. We are planning out his career trajecto­ry. When I started in this business, if I would say to a player ‘I’ll bring you to England’ the first thing they would say would be ‘what did I do wrong? Why don’t you like me?’

“But now, if I ask a player ‘what is your goal?’ he will say the Premier League. He doesn’t say City, Chelsea or Arsenal, but the Premier League.”

Pimenta’s comments are the latest in a long line of claims regarding Haa­land’s long-term future with City. The striker’s Dad, Alfe-Inge, has already claimed that his son will only stay at the Etihad Stadium for “for three or four years at the most.”

City have previously denied there is any “Real Madrid clause” in Haaland’s contract which is reported to include a £175m buy-out – but it excludes the Spanish giants. — MirrorOnline

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