GWCL disconnects Guinness Ghana Breweries over GH¢6.7m unpaid bills

 The Accra East Region of the Ghana Water Company Limit­ed (GWCL) has disconnected the Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC (Achimota site) over GH¢6.7 million in unpaid bills.

This was in line with a revenue mobilisation exercise started by the GWCL in April to rake in over GH¢800 million in unpaid bills by customers.

A GWCL technician closing the valve of the water pipeline
A GWCL technician closing the valve of the water pipeline

Speaking with the media after the exercise yesterday, the Regional Chief Manager of the Accra East Region, Mr Emmanuel Johnson, stated that a disconnection notice would be sent to the Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC (Achimota site) and would be given a pay­ment plan.

He hinted that part payment would only be accepted from Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC (Achimota site) if the GWCL was satisfied with the amount.

Mr Jonhson revealed that the GWCL gave the Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC (Achimota site) a three months payment plan and called for a meeting yesterday but they gave no indication of partak­ing in the meeting hence the need to disconnect them from water supply to force them to pay what they owe the GWCL.

He added that the GWCL had extensive discussions with indus­tries and the Association of Gha­na Industries (AGI) on honouring their obligations to the GWCL however Guinness Ghana Brewer­ies PLC (Achimota site) had been reluctant to pay their bills.

He urged all customers to pay all their bills to avoid disconnec­tion saying that “if disconnected customers fail to pay their bill, they would be served with a notice for payment and subsequently taken to court.”

He stated that all the other industries had negotiated with the GWCL and had been provided with a payment plan to avoid any inconvenience whilst they abide.

“All customers who cannot visit our offices to make payment can use the GWCL app or pay via mobile money,” he said.


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