GUPC CEO calls for close collaboration

The Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) of the Ghana Upstream Petroleum Chamber,(GUPC) Mr. David Ampofo has spoken about the industry’s three main concerns in a world quickly trying to recover from COVID-19 and its effects.

In an interview with the media, the CEO has called for closer collaboration between the government and the industry. “We are guided by a policy of win-win for both the government and the companies who form our membership. These include Exploration and Production Companies, International Service Companies and Ghanaian Service Companies.”, Mr Ampofo said.

Mr. David Ampofo stated, “I think that whilst attracting new investment is a good thing, we tend to overlook the fact that there are already some major investors in the sector whom we must work with. It is not enough to simply invite investors in and not nurture them.”

When asked about the state of oil production in Ghana, the GUPC boss suggested that there is the need to bring on stream new oil producing fields to address the current decline in oil production. 

This comes at a time various industries are grappling with the realities of a post-covid world, this notwithstanding, Mr.Ampofo believes the Chamber will work hard to synthesize the best ideas from among its membership to promote the industry in Ghana. ”

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