GTA, Birthright Africa resolve to promote Ghana’s tourism

The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Birthright AFRICA, a United States-based non-governmental organisation to strengthen the existing relationship between the two parties to promote Ghana’s tourism potentials.

The MoU aimed to create opportunities to transform the lives of young people of African origin, and allow them to connect with their cultural roots and legacy of innovation.

At a short signing ceremony in Accra on Tuesday, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Birthright AFRICA, Madam Walla Elsheikh, said the MoU was to officially establish a collaboration as partners with the government to build on the “Beyond the Return” initiative.

She said it would provide a free educational experience and build an ecosystem of all partners in the education, corporate, arts and entertainment world to be a part of the historic movement.

Madam Elsheikh said Birthright Africa was committed to growth of international travel by the young African diaspora to showcase Ghana’s culture and investment potential, while deepening the connection between the gateway to Africa and the global diaspora.

“This is a long term partnership and it is starting with Ghana as the gateway and establishing this partnership as a model for other countries and other governments to also understand that we are here to connect the diaspora, travel investment, trade among others to promote international tourism,” she added.

She explained that Birthright AFRICA inspired youth and young adults of African descent between the ages of 13-30to explore their cultural roots through travel.

Madam Elsheikh said since 2015, Birthright AFRICA had been focusing on creating the next generation to become proud leaders of their African heritage and believed this partnership would strengthen the already existing relationship to promote tourism in the country.

The CEO of GTA, MrAkwasiAgyeman, expressed gratitude to Birthright AFRICA and the team for the partnership, saying it was another milestone in the tourism industry.

He said the partnership would help build on the “Beyond the Return” vision, which include building on the momentum of the “Year of Return” over the next 10 years.

“Since the Year of Return we’ve seen a lot of our own come back to the continent. Ghana has become a mainstay for that reconnection home, so having this partnership with Walla and the team at Birthright AFRICA Project, I think is very symbolic because the ethos of what you are doing sits with what the whole Beyond the Return conversation is,” MrAgyeman stated.


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