GSA warns of illegal use of certification mark

It has come to the attention of the Ghana Standards Authority that some companies are using the Ghana Standards Certification Mark on their products, without the requisite license and approval from the Ghana Standards Authority to use the Mark.

Notice is hereby given that unauthorized use of the mark contravenes section 21 (1) (b) of the Standards Act, 1973 (NRCD 173) and the Ghana Standards (Certification Mark) Rules, 1970 (LI 662), as amended by LI 664 which states that:

“(1) A person commits an offence if that person… (b) makes a statement or representation, whether in writing or not, or uses a mark with reference to the goods, commodity, process, or practice, which conveys or is likely to convey the impression that a person who is not licensed to use a standard mark with reference to the goods, commodity, process, or practice is licensed or is otherwise entitled to use a standard mark”

The Authority is by this notice directing anyone who is using the Certification Mark without the requisite licence to desist from this illegal practice and take the necessary steps towards regularizing the use of the Ghana Standards Certification Mark immediately but not later than 30th August, 2019.

You may call at our Head Office in Accra or the nearest regional office to begin the process of regularization. Details of how to contact the GSA are available at or you may send us email at  Firms, who fail to make the proper application, shall have their names and products published in the dailies and the Authority shall also cause the arrest and prosecution of officers of such companies without further notice.

Please take note and be advised accordingly.

By Times Reporter

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